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Share photos of your favorite Jersey Fresh produce with us... and you could win some great prizes!

Enter our 2022 photo contest — use the hashtag #JerseyFreshIsBest to show us the tastiest tomatoes, the juiciest peaches at a local pick-your-own, the sweetest corn from your favorite roadside market, the largest blueberry you have ever seen, or a dazzling Jersey Fresh display at your favorite supermarket. We want photos that prove Jersey Fresh is BEST!

Post your photo to social media using the hashtag #JerseyFreshIsBest




Every week from June 20–September 6, we will choose and post one winning photo.

Weekly winners receive a Jersey Fresh prize pack that includes a Jersey Fresh beach towel, NJ-shaped bamboo cutting board, hat, t-shirt and more.

On September 7, all 11 weekly winners will be posted here for 1 week to be voted on. One grand-prize winner will receive a $500 gift card to their Jersey Fresh market of choice.

Congratulations to this week’s photo contest winner!


Remember — enter your photo by posting it to social media and using the hashtag #JerseyFreshIsBest. Your photo could be shown here next week!

The Jersey Fresh logo guarantees that your produce is top quality and was grown here in New Jersey. Established in 1984 by the New Jersey Department of Agriculture, the Jersey Fresh logo informs customers which fruits and vegetables are grown in the Garden State.

Look for the Jersey Fresh logo whenever, wherever you shop for fruits, vegetables, cheese, milk, sauces, salsas, juices, frozen foods, etc. Buy Jersey Fresh and enjoy fresher, tastier produce while helping our farmers.

When you buy local, you support family-owned farms. And as a result, those families can afford to stay on their farms, doing the work they love. So, you see — buying Jersey Fresh tastes good…and feels good, too

Farming plays a huge role in New Jersey


9,883 farms


734,000 acres
of farming


239,350 acres of
preserved farmland


100+ different varieties of
fruits, vegetables and herbs


New Jersey is a national top-10 producer of fruits and vegetables

  • Ranked 1st for eggplant
  • Ranked 3rd for bell peppers,
    spinach, cranberries,
    peaches and tomatoes
  • Ranked 4th for asparagus
  • Ranked 6th for blueberries,
    cucumbers and squash
  • Ranked 9th for sweet corn

Post a photo of your favorite Jersey Fresh fruit or vegetable using the hashtag #JerseyFreshIsBest and you could win our photo contest!

Learn more about Jersey Fresh — why it matters, who makes it great, where to find it and how to prepare it — by visiting FindJerseyFresh.com